At Get LISTED Realty, we are a different real estate broker than you might be used to. We want you to sell your house AND save thousands of dollars by not paying a listing commission. We do this by offering savvy home sellers professional flat fee MLS listings in Massachusetts.

We get your home MAXIMUM exposure to active buyers by listing your house for sale on the Massachusetts MLS (which only licensed Realtors can do), Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin and many others!

The best part is you still retain the right to sell your house by owner as a FSBO. Which means you can save even more money if you find a buyer who is not working with an agent. To help you do that, we forward any buyer leads directly to you!

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Directly By Our Massachusetts Real Estate Broker

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Our flat fee MLS listing plans are professionally provided to you directly by us, what you see is what you get. We are not a referral service (like most other websites) that will take your payment and then hand you off to another company. We are an active and licensed Massachusetts real estate broker. We also have our own direct MLS accounts in the appropriate MA counties, including Greater Boston, Central Massachusetts, Pioneer Valley, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. We are your local flat fee MLS real estate company!

Most importantly, our pricing is simple, straight-forward and transparent. We don’t have any additional costs or hidden fees. Don’t fall for the $99 dollar or less websites, read the fine print you will end up paying much, much more!

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Our Happy Customers


Zoltan F
20:45 21 May 18
After doing a lot of research on flat fee listing providers, I decided to go with Get LISTED Realty. After being through the process and selling my property I'm happily noting that I made the right choice with Kris Lippi’s company. I saved over $3,000 with his service.The service, attention and responsiveness has been above and beyond. Chris was available when I had a question. He also assured me that there won’t be any other charges and there wasn’t. I will definitely use his service again when I sell a property.
Kizar Sos
19:00 07 May 18
Kris provides great service and support. Everything you need is on the website. I was able to sell my house quickly because of MLS and various realty website exposure. I will recommend that everyone utilize Get LISTED Realty if you are completely comfortable selling your place on your own. I will definitely utilize their service again!!
Frank Agnes
13:48 19 Apr 18
Couldnt have worked out better using getlistedrealty, I got great esposureand received 3 offers over listing price!
Squale C
23:32 22 Jan 18
I am very satisfied with the service from Get Listed Realty. They answered all my questions before listing our condo on the MLS. Everything was done online after that and it was painless. Sold our condo in 2 weeks! Thank You!
Joseph Reilly
14:03 10 Jan 18
I've used flat-fee MLS services a couple times in the past, sometimes for FSBO and other for posting rentals. I used Get LISTED recently for posting a rental and it was so smooth. Really happy with my experience. I was on MLS very quickly and had lots of showings, and most importantly- we closed the deal. Thanks!
Ron Spinabella
21:10 18 Dec 17
Highly recommend Get Listed Realty to sell a house on the MLS without a real estate agent. They were very easy to work with and everything worked exactly as they promised on their website.

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Check Out Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans!

Our Simple Pricing Has NO Hidden Costs or Additional Fees!


Purchase this plan for rentals and small 1-2 bedroom homes where limited photos are needed


  • 6 Month Listing
  • Up to 10 Photos
  • Professional Flat Fee MLS Listing
  • Zillow, Trulia,, etc.
  • Sellers Information Library Access
  • Selling Disclosures, Contracts and Forms
  • 24/7 Online Listing Management
  • Free Unlimited Changes to Listing
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Cancel Any Time
  • No Listing Commission
  • Forward Buyer Leads To You
List Now


Purchase this plan for all homes where maximum photos are desired (more photos sell homes)


  • 12 Month Listing
  • Maximum Allowed Photos by MLS
  • Professional Flat Fee MLS Listing
  • Zillow, Trulia,, etc.
  • Sellers Information Library Access
  • Selling Disclosures, Contracts and Forms
  • 24/7 Online Listing Management
  • Free Unlimited Changes to Listing
  • Outstanding Customer Support
  • Cancel Any Time
  • No Listing Commission
  • Forward Buyer Leads To You
List Now

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List and Sell a House By Owner and Get Help If You Need It

We give FSBOs all the tools, information and good advice you need to be successful. Including access to our Massachusetts Licensed Real Estate Broker, if you need help!

Check out our ULTIMATE FSBO GUIDE which walks you through EXACTLY how to sell a house without a real estate agent!

We also offer a FSBO Blog to walk you through current topics on how to list your house on MLS and get it sold. We provide updated videos, checklists and other helpful content on a regular basis.

Our for sale by owner MLS listing plans really do give you everything you need to successfully sell your home. All for a low flat fee instead of paying a full commission to a Realtor.

picture of get listed realty's ultimate fsbo guide

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Manage Your Listing Online 24/7!

From right here on our website, you can do all of the following

✓ List your house for sale
✓ Submit photographs
✓ Submit property information and descriptions
✓ Schedule open houses
✓ Download disclosures and contract forms
✓ Order lockboxes and yard signs
✓ Order professional photographs
✓ Order home staging guides
✓ Manage your listing

Massachusetts MLS Coverage By County

Massachusetts CountyPrimary MLSAvailability
Barnstable CountyCape Cod & Islands MLSAvailable!
Bristol CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Dukes CountyCape Cod & Islands MLSAvailable!
Essex CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Franklin CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Hampden CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Hampshire CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Middlesex CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Nantucket CountyCape Cod & Islands MLSAvailable!
Norfolk CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Plymouth CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Suffolk CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Worcester CountyMassachusetts MLS Property Info Network (MLSPIN)Available!
Berkshire CountyBerkshire MLSNot Available

We Cover All Massachusetts Counties Except Berkshire County

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason during your listing period, you are unhappy with our service and wish to list your house for sale with another real estate broker, we will refer you to a broker in our referral network. If a real estate broker that you want to use is not in our referral network, please contact us before signing any agreements because we must enroll them into our referral network. After your house closes, you will be refunded the listing fee you paid to Get LISTED Realty.

Outstanding Customer Service

We firmly believe that what sets us apart from the competition is the outstanding customer experience we provide to our customers. At Get LISTED Realty it is our #1 goal to turn you into a raving fan and for you to recommend our flat fee MLS listing service to your trusted friends and family. In order to do that we need to provide you with responsive and helpful customer service at all times during your listing. It is our goal to do just that for you and we can’t wait to get started.

Online Customer Support

You will never have to deal with inefficient and antiquated ways of doing business such as faxing, paper copies and even scanning. All of our for sale by owner listing services that we deliver here at Get Listed Realty are done completely online. That’s because we want to make it easy on you so you can focus on selling your home. There is not one part of our MLS listing service that you can’t do online, 24/7, whenever is convenient for you. Our team will review and process your requests within 1 business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer full service client representation?

Yes! But only if you request us to handle the sale of your home for you. We offer white glove concierge service for a commission if our FSBO or DIY Professional Listing Plans are not for you. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I cancel my listing?

Yes! You can cancel your listing at any time. However, we are only able to offer a refund if you notify us before you sign your listing agreement with us. This agreement is sent to you for electronic signature after you make a purchase of one of our Professional Listing Plans. Once we get that signed listing agreement back from you we start listing your house in the MLS and we are not able to offer a refund after that work has started.

What type of listing agreement do I have to sign?

We offer an “Entry Only” listing service. This means that the agreement we sign together allows us to enter your home for sale on the MLS and syndicate the listing out to all the major real estate portals online. After that you are responsible for handling the sale of your home. We will support your listing and status/price changes you need to make along the way. But we do not provide and agent/client representation to you. That allows us to only charge a low flat fee MLS listing price and not a high commission.

How will people get in contact with me from Zillow, Trulia, etc.?

The MLS data syndication will only show our contact information on 3rd party real estate portals because of the rules of the MLS. So anytime a buyer inquires on your listing from one of these portals we directly forward their inquiry to you so that you can followup with them. One thing to keep in mind, these 3rd party real estate portals will have other real estate agents receive buyer inquiries sent directly to them. These agents pay for those “leads” and we can not prevent them from getting those buyers information. This is how those websites make their money.

How will Agents and Buyers get in contact with me from the MLS?

We will provide instructions in the MLS under the “Showing Instructions” for Buyers and Agents to get in contact with you directly to set up showings. You can provide us with the best way to get in contact with you, either through email, phone or even text. Anytime a buyer gets in contact with our office we will either give them your contact information or forward their contact information to you. However, we can not put your contact information in the description of your home, that is a violation of the MLS rules.

What states do you list home in the MLS?

Currently, we are a licensed Real Estate Broker in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York & Rhode Island and offer our professional listing plans in all these states. In the future we plan to expand to other states. If you live outside of Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York, please contact us to find out when we will be coming to your state.

How does your Professional Listing Plan compare to other Flat Fee Brokers?

We are a licensed Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York Real Estate Broker, we will only list homes in states where we hold an active broker license. We do this in order to make sure that we list your home correctly according to both federal and state laws, rules and regulations. Also we want to ensure that the listing meets our quality standards so that your home gets the best possible results. Other websites act as an intermediary and will take your listing fee and “refer” your listing out to a broker in that state. When you purchase one of our professional listing plans your listing gets serviced by us directly. What you see is what you get!

What is the MLS and why would I list my home on the MLS?

The MLS which stands for “Multiple Listing Service” is the official Realtor’s database of all the homes that are currently on the market with a listing agent. This is where all the local buyers agents go to find homes for sale for their buyers. If your home is not listed in the MLS you are missing out on the largest pool of buyers which could seriously hinder the sale of your home AND prevent you from getting the most amount of money possible. As a home seller, you do not have access to the MLS directly, unless you either list your home with an real estate agent for a commission or you can get access by purchasing one of our listing plans for a low flat fee.

Do you provide assistance with offers or negotiations?

Yes! But the price of our Professional Listing Plans only includes listing your home or the Realtors MLS and all the major real estate portals. We do have to charge an extra fee to give you additional assistance. You can purchase time for us to advise you on our upgrades page. But please contact us first so that we can let you know how much time you will need to purchase.

I have additional questions who can I contact?

You can contact us directly through our website for the fastest response. We are happy to answer any questions you have about using our service.

Do you list rentals on the MLS?

Yes! We are able to list your rental property on the MLS for the same low flat fee.

What do I do after my property is Sold?

Per MLS Rules, Sellers must inform us within 1 business day after closing. This is very important because we are required to update your listing on the MLS within 1 business day of your home closing. We can be fined for not updating your listing and we will be required to pass that fine onto you.

What do I do once I accept an Offer?

Per MLS Rules, Sellers must inform us within 1 business day of accepting an offer. This is very important because we are required to update your listing on the MLS within 1 business day of you entering into a contract with a buyer to purchase your home. We can be fined for not updating your listing and we will be required to pass that fine onto you.

Do I really need to offer a Commission?

YES! In order to be in the MLS, home sellers are required to offer a Buyer’s Agent Commission. But you only have to pay that commission if your property is sold to a buyer who is represented by an agent. If the buyer does not have an agent, you don’t pay a commission AT ALL! The average commission is 2.5-3%, so we usually recommend that is what you offer. Think about it this way, a buyers agent job is to find homes for their buyers but they also want to get paid for their time and effort, just like you do at your job. Motivate all the buyers agents out there to work FOR YOU by offering a 2.5-3% commission and get your home sold.

Do you provide the required property disclosure forms?

Yes! All the forms you will need can be downloaded through our website. When you sign up for one of our professional listing plans, you will receive an email detailing all of the “Next Steps” you will need to follow to get your house listed and SOLD!

What forms do I need to submit to list my home?

Before we can list your property in the MLS, we will need all owners of the property to sign our Listing Agreement and one owner to fill out and submit our property information form. This is all done online and we use electronic signatures to complete the Listing Agreement. In order to stay in compliance with Federal & State Laws, State Licensing Statutes, and MLS Rules and Regulations we need both these required forms and at least one photo to be submitted before your property can be listed on the MLS. When you sign up for one of our professional listing plans, you will receive an email detailing all of the “Next Steps” you will need to follow to get your house listed and SOLD!

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Massachusetts Real Estate Market Stats

Average Sale Price of Houses Sold in Massachusetts:$378,800
Average Savings By Selling with a Flat Fee MLS Massachusetts Listing:$11,364
Massachusetts Primary MLS:See MA MLS Coverage

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