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  • Why Isn’t My House Selling: Here’s a Reality Check & Next Steps

    9 November 2018Home Selling

    Corrective Actions You Need To Take When Your House Isn’t Selling   Table of Contents The Top Five Reasons Your Listing Won’t Sell Six Reasons Your Inquiries Don’t Transition to a Sale Final Thoughts   Warning: Do NOT read this article if any of these apply to you. You know…

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  • Virtual Staging: Best Companies Reviewed (and Who NOT To Use)

    6 November 2018Home Selling

    Here Are The Results After We Tested 5 of the Best Virtual Staging Companies…   Table of Contents Introduction What is Virtual Staging and Why Would I Use It? Best Virtual Staging Companies Blue-Sketch Rooomy VRX Staging Hasten PadStyler Not Recommended Virtual Staging Service Companies Do-it Yourself Virtual Staging Options…

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  • We Buy Houses: UGLY Truth About Selling To A Cash Buyer Company

    31 October 2018Home Selling

    The UGLY Truth About Selling To “We Buy Houses” Companies For CASH!   Table of Contents Introduction Are These Legitimate Companies That Can Be Trusted? Why Would I Want to Sell My House For Cash? How Much Money Will They Buy My House For? What Are the Pros & Cons…

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  • What Are Closing Costs For Sellers In Connecticut? (Complete List)

    14 October 2018Home Selling

    What Closing Costs Can I Expect to Pay When I Sell My Connecticut Home?   Table of Contents Typical Closing Costs for Sellers in Connecticut What Is the Different Closing Costs for Buyers vs Sellers? Does Connecticut Have Exceptions to a Seller Having To Pay Closing Costs? Final Thoughts  …

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  • What Are Closing Costs For Sellers In Massachusetts? [Full List]

    3 October 2018Home Selling

    Closing Costs for Sellers in Massachusetts   Table of Contents What Are Closing Costs? Typical Closing Costs for Sellers in Massachusetts Other Possible Seller Closing Costs Closing Costs for Sellers vs. Buyers In Closing (pun intended)…   Home sellers always have something in common, they all want to know, how…

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  • How To Get Your House Ready to Sell: The ULTIMATE Prep Checklist

    29 May 2018Home Selling

    Get A House Ready to Sell With Proper Preparation, Maintenance and Staging   Table of Contents Introduction: Why Homeowners Must Put In The Effort 1) Exterior 2) Whole House 3) Kitchen 4) Dining Room 5) Bathrooms 6) Bedrooms 7) Living Room 8) Hallways/Closets and Shelves 9) Home Office 10) Playrooms…

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  • How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House? All Costs & Fees (2019)

    30 April 2018Home Selling

    What is the Total Cost of Selling a House? Understand How Much It Really Costs!   Table of Contents Introduction How to Calculate the Closing Costs For a Home Seller How to Calculate the Escrow Cost of Selling a House How to Calculate the Cost of Getting a House Ready…

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  • Real Estate Photography: How To Take Awesome Real Estate Photos [CHECKLIST]

    5 March 2018Home Selling

    How To Take Awesome Real Estate Photos On Your Own Learning how to take awesome real estate photos is critical if you will be taking them yourself. Perhaps the most important marketing item when selling your house is the real estate photography. After all, the photos are the first impression…

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  • For Sale By Owner Websites: Best Sites To Buy Or Sell A House (2019)

    21 January 2018Home Selling

    FSBO Websites You Can Use To Buy, Sell or Rent Your House Online For those savvy folks who want to explore all options when buying, selling and renting real estate online, this is the information you need on what for sale by owner websites are out there. I’ve done the…

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  • How To Add FSBO Contact Information to Zillow Listing

    19 January 2018Home Selling

    How To Get Buyers to Contact You Directly From Your Zillow Listing Zillow is a powerhouse of a real estate website. At the time of this post, the website traffic is 39,592,227 /month. Which is HUGE! What this means for you as a home seller is that you don’t just want…

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