How To List On MLS Without A Realtor: Is It Possible? (Yes)

25 July 2017Home Selling

How To List Your House Without A Real Estate Agent On The MLS

Watch this video to understand what the MLS is and why when you list your house in the MLS you will sell for more money.

If you want to sell your house then it would be foolish to do so without being listed in the MLS.

Check out the below video and learn everything you need to know or read the full transcript just below the video.

Hi I’m Kris your real estate broker here at Get Listed Realty

picture of Kris LIppi Real Estate Broker

In this video, I’m going to tell you why listing your house in the MLS as a for sale by owner, will get you more money and how you can list your house in the MLS.

As a Real Estate Broker — the MLS is a tool that is EXTREMELY valuable to me.

picture of the mls logo

But I understand that while you have probably heard the term before and know that its related to real estate, not everyone is going to be familiar with what it actually means.

That’s why I’m here.

To explain the MLS to you, what it is, how it works and most importantly, WHY it benefits YOU when selling your home.

So what is the MLS anyway?

To start, the MLS is a database. That’s it, it’s pretty much just a bunch of data about properties or homes, like yours.

picture of a house and database representing the mls

But not all the homes in your town or city are in this database. You can find that information in the local Tax Assessors database.

Which is usually PUBLICLY available online.

picture of green database

You see, the MLS is NOT publicly available online.

It’s available to REALTORs only.

picture of red database

So that means that you the home seller, can not directly enter your home for sale into the MLS, without an active real estate license.

This is why some agents will tell you that you NEED them, in order to sell your home.

Which is silly really, you don’t necessarily need THEM, what you really need is the MLS.

The real estate agent is just HOW you get your home in the MLS.

And typically, real estate agents will only enter your home into the MLS, if they have an “Exclusive Right to Sell” listing agreement for your property.

picture of exclusive right to sell contract

Which means THEY are your agent and THEY will act as an agent for you in the marketing, contracts, negotiations and getting you through the closing process of your home after they list your house in the MLS.

And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that.

But this costs you the home seller, THOUSANDS of dollars in the form of commission that is paid to your agent.

Typically about 6% of the sale price of your home.

3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyers agent.

6% of what home sells for

And if you do the math, that adds up to a lot of money.

Which is why you should consider listing your house in the MLS with one of my flat fee MLS listing plans.

Watch my video “Check out what we do here at Get LISTED Realty” to find out all about those plans.

pic of get listed realty introduction

So what does the MLS do for you if you are trying to sell your home?

To start, keep in mind the MLS its not just any ol’ boring database.

It’s a very important database where all real estate agents, enter the houses that they have listed with them.

Thats what REALTORs call homes in the MLS… “listings”.

Real estate agents don’t typically call houses that are for sale but not on the MLS as “listings”.

They call them For Sale by Owners or “FSBOs”.

picture of fsbo

So basically, the data in the MLS are homes that are currently on the market or have been on the market and are either active, under contract, sold, or the ones that did not sell which are called EXPIREDs!

gif of expired flashing over house listings

And nobody wants to be the expired listing…

So if you want to sell your house, then getting into the MLS is the most important thing to do.

Because you get exposure to all those real estate agents, who are actively working with buyers.

After all, most people looking to buy a home, work with a buyers agent.

real estate agent for buyers

Because it typically is FREE to the buyer.

I say FREE because like I said earlier, the seller usually pays a commission to both the buyers agent for bringing a buyer, as well as the listing agent’s commission.

Oh yea – I forgot to tell you about a critical piece of data in the MLS, the commission offered to a buyers agent.

picture of text saying commission offered to buyers agent

Believe me, most real estate agents pay very close attention to this number.

Which is again, typically, a percentage of the sales price.

Such as 2.5%, 3% or even more.

So you want to make sure you don’t cheap out on what you offer a buyers agent.

It will make a difference when you list your house in the MLS..

Getting back on topic, getting a house into the MLS is perhaps the single best thing a home seller can do.

This is because of all the EXPOSURE the house will get to the Realtor community.

When selling your home, in most cases, a buyers agent is going to bring you a buyer.

Like I said, most serious buyers are working with a Real estate agent.

Considering real estate agents use the MLS, as their source, for active homes for sale for their buyers.

It would be FOOLISH, to try to sell your home and NOT be in the MLS.

picture of a fool and text

Can it be done?


But if you are interested in getting the BEST possible results for yourself, then I don’t recommend selling your house without the MLS.

Why would you potentially leave money on the table when you sell your home?

What happens if I don’t list my house on the MLS?

You might be thinking, I can just list my house on Zillow or somewhere else online and buyers will find it that way.

And thats entirely possible.

But like I said before, most buyers are working with real estate agents.

And a lot of real estate agents don’t want to deal with a homeowner who might not be offering them a commission.

Because that means they won’t be getting paid.

gif of realtors not getting paid


Even if you mention that you will offer a commission, not being in the MLS is the non traditional way of doing things.

And that makes it different than what most buyers agents are used to doing for their clients.

Which means they could avoid showing your house to their buyers.

picture of text saying avoid showing house to buyers

I’m not saying thats the right way of doing things for their clients.

But I am saying, that it does happen.


This ultimately means you miss out on a large pool of buyers and are not positioning your home for the best possible results.

selling your home and get a rush of buyers

Which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want to do when you list your house in the MLS.

don't do this when selling your hoiuse

Do you see why you should list your house in the MLS, even if you are selling your home without a realtor?

In Summary

Ok – let me summarize what I just went over with you.

  1. The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and is the REALTORs tool for listing data of ACTIVE, UNDER DEPOSIT, CLOSED and EXPIRED homes.

gif of MLS Listing types


  1. In order to get your listed in the MLS, you need to list your house with a REALTOR for a listing commission, typically 2.5-3% of the selling price. Or with one of my flat fee MLS listing plans.
    Which I’ll discuss in a minute.
  1. You also need to offer a buyers agent commission in order to sell your home in the MLS, typically another 2.5-3% of the selling price.
  1. Most active buyers are working with an agent.

And agents use the MLS for their buyers and actually prefer to show their buyers houses that are listed in the MLS.

So they might potentially avoid houses that are not in the MLS.

Which means you miss out on the largest pool of serious buyers.

There it is.

Thats the MLS and what it means to you the home seller.

Now, here is where it gets interesting.

Remember how I said you need a real estate agent to list your house in the MLS.

And that typically will cost you thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity?

Well, I also told you about my flat fee MLS listing plans.

These allow you to list your house in the MLS.

As well as all the major real estate search portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and all the others.

picture of Kris with zillow trulia logos

Also you can do this and not have to pay that HUGE commission to a listing agent.

Because you still retain the right to sell on your own.

You are just buying access to the MLS.

Well, thats what I do here at

For a low flat fee, I’ll list your house on the MLS, so that you can sell your house on your own, DIY style and save THOUSANDS of dollars in the process.

house for sale by owner

So you get to sell your house for more money with a MLS listing AND save on the listing agents commission.

Now that is a big win for you!

Do you want to get started?

Purchase a professional flat fee MLS listing package right now on my purchase page and we will get started right away.

If you still need more information, contact me directly, through my website and we will answer any questions you have.

everything is done on line

See you in the next video!

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything!


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