How to Show Your House To a Buyer When Selling FSBO [VIDEO]

2 July 2017Home Selling

Learn Exactly How To CORRECTLY Show Your House To A Buyer

In this video, you will find out what you need to do in order to successfully show your house to a buyer, when selling your home on your own.

Follow this advice and you will no doubt have all the information you need to show your house like a professional.

Watch the below video and learn everything you need to know or read the full transcript just below the video.

Hi there, it’s Kris once again, your real estate broker here at Get LISTED Realty!

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When you are selling your house without a real estate agent, ideally with flat fee mls, one task you will have to take on is coordinating the showings with both buyers real estate agents and buyers directly.

Dealing with them correctly is very important.

I want you to be prepared so that you can successfully get buyers into your house.

So that they end up making an offer and you will get your house sold!

sell your home

Both buyers and agents will be contacting you for setting up a showing

So, when you purchased one of my professional flat fee MLS listing plans, you had to enter contact information for people to contact you for setting up showings.

It’s very important that the contact person is able to be as responsive as possible to requests to show your house.

Do not think it is ok to wait more than a few hours to get back to anyone who requests a showing.

I’ll even go as far as to say, if possible be able to pick up your phone or answer email and texts right away.

take phone calls from buyers

This is because buyers agents are very busy people.

They are probably setting up multiple showings for multiple buyers.

Which means, your house could fall through the cracks if you are not responsive.

And getting less showings is the exact opposite of what you want to do when selling your home.

don't do this when selling your hoiuse

Always try to be flexible to show your house to a buyer

Also, when it comes to scheduling showings, another mistake is not making your house available as much as possible.

I always advise my sellers that they should plan on buyers requesting to see your house anytime between 9am – 8pm.

And if you start restricting those times to much, it makes it more difficult for people to come see your home.

That increases the chances that a buyer will decide to pass over your house and you will lose out on an opportunity to sell your home.

Make it easier to show to buyers with a lockbox

If you are not able to be home to let buyers into your house at all times, I strongly suggest putting a real estate lock box on your door with a spare key in it.

spare key in lockbox

This allows buyers agents to show your house when you are not home.

real estate agent for buyers

You can purchase one of these combination Realtors lockboxes when you purchase one of my flat fee MLS listing plans or on my upgrade your listing page.

I realize that not everyone will be comfortable having strangers enter their home without them being home.

I get that, so here is my recommendation.

If a buyers agent requests a showing, get their name and company so you can look them up and verify who they are before giving them the combination to the lockbox.

verify who the agent works for

Buyers agents show houses all day long and for the most part can be trusted.

However, that is your call.

Again, you don’t want to make it hard for people to come and see your house.

But, if a buyer contacts you directly without a Realtor.

I would caution against giving out the lockbox code to them.

caution against give out lockbox code

You can setup a showing at a time when you can be home.

Getting ready to show your house to a buyer

So what should you do to prepare to show your house to a buyer once you have one scheduled?


Make your house look it’s absolute best.

Specifically, I would focus on these 5 items.

#1 – Lighting

Step 1 to sell your house

Try to let in as much natural light as possible.

Pull back curtains and pull up shades or blinds.

Turn on all room lights and any accents lights, so buyers and agents are not searching for switches.

let light into your house


Also, don’t expect them to turn the lights off after the showing!

#2 – Space

sell your home step 2

Put away your daily clutter such as blankets, electronic charging cables, countertop appliances, shoes and anything else that can be put away.

Be sure to make sure the beds are made and remember you can store items under the beds to keep clutter out of sight.

make sure beds are made

Also, try to keep the lawn mowed to always have a fresh cut to it.

lawn freshly mowed

#3 – Cleanliness

sell your home in 3 steps

Empty all trashcans in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Sweep and vacuum all floors and if possible mop.

house needs to be clean

Make sure all surfaces such as countertops, sink tops and table tops are spotless.

Buyers will notice a dirty home and will leave a negative impression.

#4 – Temperature

selling your home fsbo

If your home tends to get stuffy, open the windows to let some fresh air in at least 15 minutes before the buyers arrive.

Adjust the thermostat when you show your house to a buyer to ensure the temperature is perfect for them.

Including turning on the A/C on hot days.

showing your home correct temperature

You want to make sure the house is as comfortable as possible for your showing.

#5 – Smells

steps to sell your home flat fee mls

Few things will turn off a buyer more than foul smells.

remove smells from house when showing

Some people like to light a scented candle but make sure it is a subtle scent.

But, DO NOT leave it burning when you are not home.

Also, a bottle of Febreeze can work wonders.

Spray down carpets, sofas down a few hours before the showings.

If you smoke, be sure you already removed the smoke smell and run an air purifier for smoke.

Or if you have a dog smells that need to be removed, make sure run an air purifier for pets.

Keep in mind, these items are a general recommendation but they are important.

But don’t think that’s all you have to do to prepare for showings.

Try to focus on making your house look its best and you will be ok.

What happens after showing your house?

Finally, after the showing is complete.

The buyers usually need time to think about your home and if it is a fit for them.

It is ok for you to contact their agent the next day following the showing to try to get feedback about your home.

But don’t expect or harass an agent for feedback.

Basically, follow this rule of thumb.

If you don’t hear anything back, they are not interested.

Believe me when I say that if a buyer is interested in your home, they will contact you.

So that about wraps it up for explaining to you how to correctly show your home when selling on your own as a FSBO or DIY style.

house for sale by owner

Hopefully if you purchased one of my professional flat fee MLS listing plans you are now better prepared to get the job done to show your house to a buyer.

If you haven’t purchased one of my listing plans yet, then head over to my purchase page and get started.

everything is done on line

Or, if you still have some questions about how it works.

You can always contact me directly, through my website and I will get back to you as right away!

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything!


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